Lead Guitar & Vocals


Damian Ford

Playing and singing in this band is something pretty undeniable, I almost couldn't have not done this!! Claptons music and guitar playing have been such a huge influence on me throughout my life, since the age of about 14. I learned to play by listening over and over to a recording I made of his Blues Night in 1990, which was broadcast on Radio 1 back in the day!! Eric's music led me to Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Cray, BB, Albert and Freddie King, Buddy Guy and Otis Rush, and of course Robert Johnson and many more... I have a deep love for Claptons music and am doing everything I can to do it justice in this amazing band.

Having played guitar and sung in blues bands since the early 90's, I've always leaned on songs that Clapton has played, drawing on albums like August, Journeyman, Unplugged, From The Cradle and One More Car, One More Rider. Now I'm able dive in fully to Claptons vast back catalogue and deliver, what we hope is the next best thing to seeing Clapton live. We aren't trying to play facsimilies of his songs, but to treat them as he does in a live context.

We really hope that everyone enjoys what we are doing. There's no 'pretending' to be him, or dressing up 'behind the mask'... Just great live music and musicianship!!

Damo also likes pretending to be a pizziaolo, watching F1 and playing basketball, but not all at the same time.